written and directed by 
Alberto Nacci


awarded by the Jury in the category "Art Direction" at
trailer (6')

Audio/video project realized at Casalbeltrame (NO Italy) in the ex-church San Novello where Mario Benedetti works (November 2006) 
Production, post-production and music by Alberto Nacci 

The song "I Colori del Nero" is performed by the author 
(tenor saxophone, computer sequencing)

Carrying out actions within a space produces noises, which can then become sounds, as John Cage taught us. The soundtrack of everyday life can be made up of outside elements, such as bells ringing or the experiences of private spaces, such as the rustle of sheets of paper being handled or worked on by a painter and his tools. The way in which Alberto Nacci interprets the work of Mario Benedetti, with paper and with the press, seems to belong to the tradition of videos showing the artist at work, with the subtle difference that he also attempts to interpret the silences and sounds within the gestures which transform the inert paper into the work of a true artist. He distances himself from this, however, as he does not want to investigate the creative process, or follow the various stages in understanding the "mystery of creation", but rather to concentrate on the noise/sound environment in which this happens and which make it up. There is, furthermore, no intention of drawing comparisons between painting and music because, even though the video ends with a piece of music dedicated to the process shown, the coming together of music and painting happens naturally, through the sounds produced by the process, rather than the artistic accomplishment itself. It is, therefore, very "concrete" music, which in the hands and in the eyes of Benedetti becomes the music of the colour black and of its expressive potential.

Francesco Tedeschi
Professor in History of Art
at Sacro Cuore Catholic University of Brescia